Obtaining OEM Auto Parts Catalog Data

Auto manufacturers hold their data closely and control which companies gain access. If you are a dealership looking for this data so you can sell parts online, your best bet is to work with an auto parts eCommerce software provider.

All of the main auto eCommerce platforms provide OEM parts catalogs for dealers. These eCommerce providers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to license this catalog data from third party data providers, so you don’t have to. MOTOR Information Systems is one of the most popular data providers that eCommerce providers license data from.

Although most parts eCommerce providers license their data from the same company, the catalog quality varies greatly between providers. An updated, accurate, and easy to understand parts catalog will not only save you and your customers a headache, but increase your OEM parts sales.

That’s why this is an important step in finding the right eCommerce solution for your needs. To see if you’re getting the best deal, here are a few questions to ask eCommerce vendors about their parts catalogs:

1. Does the eCommerce provider support the brands you need?

Some eCommerce platforms simply don’t work with all major OEM brands—they might only license data from the largest OEM brands. Ask which brands they support when evaluating their platform.

With us, you don’t have to worry—RevolutionParts supports all major OEM brands in the United States.

2. How often is the catalog updated?

Catalog data is always changing so it’s important that the parts catalog you use is updated frequently. The more often, the better!

3. Is the catalog accurate?

When customers order discontinued parts, it causes frustration for everyone involved and wastes your time. The more accurate the catalog is, the less often you will have these headaches.

4. Does the catalog have detailed part illustrations, diagrams, or photos?

A powerful parts catalog will allow graphical navigation between the smallest individual part to the completed, fully assembled result. This level of detail helps buyers from all levels, including DIYers.

Many parts catalogs do offer illustrations, but they’re poorly detailed and not provided for every part. Since an illustration or photo can be necessary to ordering the correct part, it’s important to find an eCommerce provider who has taken the time to improve the quality of their illustrations and diagrams. Parts with images or diagrams have double the conversion rates of parts without images.

RevolutionParts adds intelligence to this catalog data by adding parts images and updating the data frequently based on feedback from the hundreds of dealers on our platform. Want to see for yourself what selling parts online can do for your dealership? Schedule a demo now to see our parts stores in action!


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