5 Essential Tricks to Leveraging your Dealership Brand with eBay Motors

There are TONS of shoppers on eBay, but there are also lots of sellers, too. People using eBay remember that brand name—the eBay brand name—but they usually don’t give YOUR brand name a second thought.

As a result, you’ll get a lot of one-time buyers instead of loyal, repeat customers that really drive sales.

But not all hope is lost. If you decide to sell auto parts on eBay, it can actually be a great way to get your dealership brand out there and promote your standalone dealer site or parts website. And, by extension, drive traffic to the other areas of your parts business.

1. Join eBay Groups

What better way to get your name out there than with a group of people just like you? Connect with like-minded individuals by joining the conversation online.

eBay Groups are a type of forum, so make sure you follow typical forum etiquette when participating. Don’t just spam post links to your dealership, and don’t try to hard sell anything. You’re just trying to build a relationship at this point. Other people in your eBay Group will only be turned off by obnoxious posts.

2. Make an “About Us” page on your eBay profile

eBay users are actually a curious and sociable type. Something like a shared interest might just convince them to buy with you instead of someone else.

By default, buyers on eBay are suspicious of an unknown seller. Even with eBay to act as an intermediary, shoppers are usually willing take a minute to make sure they’re buying from a legitimate business.

Of course, this means you can introduce your dealership and/or your parts website in the description. Instead of an unknown seller, you’ve become a name and logo which they’re more likely to remember next time.

If you’re an eBay Top Seller, then even better! eBay buyers trust this credibility mark and it’s worth your time to maintain the label.

3. Slip Goodies into the Box

A nice surprise is an easy way to make sure someone remembers you in the future. Provided that their experience with you was positive (great customer service, fast shipping, and so on), a little extra “goodie” in the box can help them remember who you are.

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Something as simple as a dealership business card will do. Some companies will invest in stickers, bumper stickers, pens, or even t-shirts—all with a prominent display of YOUR dealership name. It’s up to you to decide whether you give these gifts to everyone or just orders over a price threshold.

You can even take it a step further if they purchase an entire vehicle from your dealership on eBay. Along with the car, slip in a card that offers the customer a coupon or discount for their next purchase on your parts site.

We call it a Packaging Insert, and it’s an effective and low-cost way to promote the parts you sell on eBay. It’s a great way to get them to make additional purchases like floor mats or a new set of windshield wipers!

4. Write eBay Motors Buying Guides

A lot of the people making a purchase online are the DIY types. Which, logically, means a lot of them are going to be reading online guides about installation. When you’re the one to write the installation guide, you can include links to the parts that a customer will need—coincidentally, the parts that YOU sell.

It not only boosts your visibility on eBay, but it also builds up your reputation as a credible, knowledgeable seller and helps you sell auto parts on eBay.

Whether or not you take advantage of writing DIY Guides might depend on your brand. Luxury car owners are less likely to do car maintenance themselves, so you might be better off focusing on another option for leveraging your brand.

5. Write Reviews

If you’ve done any buying or selling on eBay, you’ve seen how important it is to review your experience. Buyers usually take this chance to thank you for wonderful communication or fast shipping, or complain about a sale gone wrong.

But did you know that the seller can write a review, too? Type out a quick “Thank you for shopping with [dealership]!” After that, sellers will typically thank their customer for paying quickly along with fast and polite communication.

When you post the review, it’s just another reminder to the customer about who you are. It’ll also encourage buyers to review you back.

Getting lots of reviews is absolutely essential when it comes to helping you sell vehicles on eBay, since it’s already a selling channel that customers hesitate to make big purchases on. Many shoppers are worried about being tricked into buying a car that doesn’t match up to the pictures on eBay.

Which is why selling auto parts on eBay is a good idea, too. Those sell much easier and can boost your store rating to help with future sales.

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6. Offer the Best Customer Service Possible

Even if you offer free shipping, a wonderfully low price, and fast shipping, all of that good can be forgotten if you have a single bad conversation over the phone.

For example, say your customer purchased the wrong part. When they contact you about a return or exchange, don’t be rude to them! Be understanding and treat them like a human being. Emotional memory is usually the strongest part of an experience, so if you make them upset or frustrated, they’ll remember THAT more than your fast shipping.

Some dealers put a lower priority on online customers and don’t even bother answering the phone. This is one of the top mistakes you can make while selling on eBay Motors!

One of the great reasons to sell car parts on eBay is how many tools are available to you! As a result, hard-working sellers are able to earn a larger space and sell more parts.

Of course, building loyal customers is still a tough thing to do, and you can’t expect to bring every customer back. But a little effort can make a big difference in boosting your brand name and reputation.

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