3 Proven Techniques to Increase Traffic to Your Parts Website

Launching a parts website was the first step to harnessing eCommerce sales success, but now you need to get your website out in front of consumers and in their minds. A strong marketing strategy can help you do that. You might think it takes too long to get the right marketing strategy for your business up and running and delivering results, but that’s not entirely true. You can see results in a relatively short amount of time if you know how to leverage the right methods. 

Generating more online business means improving your website traffic. How many visitors do you get to your website now? How many would you like to get next month or next year? Once you set your web traffic goals, you can start implementing a marketing strategy to reflect those goals. 

Traditional advertising isn’t the only way to improve website traffic, although it certainly is one of them. If you want visitors to come to your website, you need to implement digital marketing solutions. Here are three proven ways to improve your website traffic and generate new parts business.

#1 Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What better way to get parts website traffic than by ensuring your parts website appears in top search results?

Google and other search engines have complex ranking algorithms that determine which websites to put in the top 10 spots of a search results page. If your website has high-quality SEO, that means it’s more likely to appear in the top 10 search rankings and more likely to be found by shoppers. You can increase your SEO ranking by writing and adding unique content to your website (or having a marketing agency do this for you). Websites with optimized original content and targeted keywords are more likely to be deemed “credible” sources and rank higher, ensuring your customers find your website quickly.

Writing parts descriptions for your top-selling categories can go a long way in boosting your visibility. Make sure to include target keywords in the description too, like “Toyota Camry floor mats,” to help Google’s algorithm find you.

#2 Fire Up Google Shopping Campaigns

Advertising with Google Shopping is an investment, but it pays off! Google Shopping ads are convenient, easy to set up, and, more importantly, easy for customers to spot. 

We strongly recommend hiring a marketing agency to manage your ads for you. They can help you get set up with everything you need, get you direct access to your analytics, and help you understand how your ads are performing so you can rework them to produce the results you want. 

If you’re really ambitious and want to be in the top 1% of online sellers, then you should use high-quality parts photos to catch the eyes of your potential customers. Take pictures of all your best-selling parts and upload them!

Never tried Google Shopping? Read about some of the top mistakes dealers make with Google Shopping campaigns so you know what to avoid!

#3 Launch The Right Email Campaigns

With an email campaign, you have the opportunity to reach out to customers on a more personalized level.

Send out emails that:

  • Share coupons
  • Advertise promotions
  • Give holiday sales information
  • Offer personalized parts quotes
  • Update customers on seasonal parts (and what they might need)!
If they had a good experience with you before, they’re more likely to return. You can even use email campaigns for other things too, such as saving an abandoned cart. When we analyzed conversions across all the sites that RevolutionParts powers, parts website traffic sources coming from email campaigns had 2X the conversion rates of organic or paid traffic.

Bottom Line

There are a variety of ways you can give your website traffic an extra boost. Ideally, you should be using all of them. Don’t limit yourself to one strategy if you can help it, and remember to check your numbers. Tracking where the bulk of your web traffic comes from will give you better insight into how you can streamline your strategy. 

Looking for more ways to boost your website traffic with precision? Download the Marketing Made Easy Guide for six tips on how you can use marketing to increase web traffic and revenue, and an inside look into using Google Merchant Center.

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