How to Write an About Us Page for your Parts Website in 4 Easy Steps

Want a trick that can improve your website’s visibility, boost customer confidence, and help built customer loyalty?

It’s easy: A solid “About Us” page.

Google and other search engines DO actually look at a website’s About Us page, and it can affect your website ranking. After all, the more unique content your website has, the better.

Outside the technical benefits for SEO, the “About Us” can also ease any worries your customers have about making a purchase. Follow these steps to make a fantastic About Us page for your parts website…

1. Write at least 250 words.

When it comes to SEO, Google likes unique content! More words are better than less. In order to have the page help your SEO, you need to have enough words and content.

A lot of dealerships keep a very short and basic “About Us” page that just says something about how they’re the best website to buy parts & accessories online. When there are only around 50 words written, it’s not enough to impact the SEO.

Of the ones who do have an “About Us” section, it’s nothing special. Many dealerships don’t even bother changing the content from the generic version their website started with. If your “About Us” page is the same as everyone else’s, then it doesn’t fit the “unique” part that Google likes. Duplicate content can actually have a negative effect on your Google ranking.

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That said, you don’t want to make this page read like a novel. Don’t overdo it and type up thousands of words. About 250-300 words is enough to make an impact without taking up too much of your time.

Things you can talk about:

  • Your parts team
  • Your dealership location
  • What makes your parts website the best and quality guarentees
  • Why shoppers should buy from you instead of a competitor
  • Any charity or outreach programs your dealership is involved in

2. Introduce your team.

Talking about your dedication to fast and reliable service is wonderful, but that’s what everyone else is writing about, too! Make your “About Us” page unique with some info about your team.

This doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or long! And you definitely don’t need to give the life story for every member on your team. But at the very least, include a line or two about your Parts Manager, like hobbies and years working at that dealership.

Shoppers who visit this page will see that there are real people behind your parts website!

As a result, they’ll be able to trust that you’re a legitimate business and not trying to scam them. After all, scammers often want other people to know as little about them as possible.

Connecting to your team on a more personal level can also improve a customer’s view of you, leading them to become a more loyal shopper. After all, you’re more likely to make a purchase with a company you like!

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3. Include pictures.

Again, Google and other search engines like content. Especially a mix of content, like pictures and videos!

If you introduce your parts team on the website, include pictures! It doesn’t have to be a photo for each member. A group photo is enough.

Remember what we said about showing there are real people running your parts website? Photos are a powerful piece of proof that you’re not just making things up.

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You can also take pictures of your dealership or your parts counter. This works as additional proof that you are who you say you are, leading to better customer confidence and trust.

4. Link to social media accounts.

Invite your shoppers to connect with you through social media! At the bottom of your “About Us” page, include links to your parts website’s Facebook or LinkedIn page.

You’ve just introduced yourself, so it’s the perfect opportunity to build that connection between you and your shoppers! It’s like inviting shoppers to get to know you better.

On the same note, this is also a logical place to include contact information for your dealership. Being open about who you are online helps build trust on your parts website, leading to a higher number of shoppers who convert to customers.


Even though “About Us” pages are fairly simple to set up, not all parts websites have one posted. This makes it an easy way to get one more little step ahead of your competitors!

In the grand scheme of things, an “About Page” isn’t an incredibly high-impact improvement, but to some customers it will be the difference between making a purchase or not. If those little boosts are worth it, then we strongly recommend you take a few minutes to put together a new page about your parts website.

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