What You Need to Know to Profit Off Shipping OEM Parts

If you’re a Parts Manager who’s thinking about selling OEM parts and accessories online, one of your biggest concerns might be how you’re going to deal with the logistics of shipping and order fulfillment.

After all, you probably don’t have the processes in place to handle the volume of opening up your inventory to a national, or even global, market.

There can be a lot to manage when you look to expand your customer base by taking your business online. From accurately estimating shipping costs to printing labels for packaging, deciding how you’ll balance it without growing your staff may certainly seem overwhelming.  However, don’t let these concerns scare you away from selling online!


Fortunately, the transition is hassle-free when you partner with an eCommerce software that provides easy-to-use tools that make shipping and order fulfillment a breeze.

The best part about these tools (other than making your job easier and your Parts Department more organized) is their ability to turn shipping parts into a source of profit. Yes, you read that right: you can profit off of your shipping charges.

Money-Saving Shipping Features

Take the guesswork out of deciding the best shipping options for your parts. A great eCommerce software provides weights and dimensions within your complete parts & accessories catalog. These measurements help assure profitable shipping estimates every time. In fact, you’ll use the same strategy as shipping carriers to calculate pricing.

In addition to accurate measurements, exceptional eCommerce software alerts you to oversized or hazmat parts that may be costly. With the knowledge of potentially problematic parts, you’re able to easily assess their profitability.

Other shipping tools include the automatic calculation of shipping taxes for your orders, as well as the ability to add promotions on shipping costs that will generate more traffic to your store.

Simplified Order Fulfillment

The newest feature update on the RevolutionParts eCommerce platform allows you to review orders, collect money, create shipments, and complete orders all from a single page.

As you prepare to review and complete an order, you’ll have the ability to choose options and print a shipping label directly from the site. Further, if you’ve shipped the same part in the past, you’ll be asked if you want to use the same packages as before. This is a handy timesaver as you begin to fulfill multiple orders.

After you decide on packaging for the part, shipping options will automatically generate for you. These options are based on the buyer’s delivery expectations as well as the profit that you’d earn.

The platform takes care of the numbers, making both you and your customers happy.

Upon order completion, the buyer will receive an email with their receipt and tracking information. Additionally, a label will be generated for you to print.

Although the process of fulfilling an order might seem complicated, our solutions save you time and provide money-saving options.

Partnering with RevolutionParts will give you access to a streamlined solution for selling parts, helping you to expand the fixed operations department.

Schedule a demo today to get a glimpse of the platform at work!

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Selling on eCommerce platforms isn’t about winning the profit margin game, it’s about chasing gross profit. Online is a sheer volume play, and selling more products opens you up to benefits and incentives that you can’t find at your dealership.

Dealer Spotlight

Chris Plant, Parts Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Wappinger Falls, adds five figures in monthly Parts Department revenue after only 6 months with RevolutionParts.


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