How Big Is the Online Auto Parts Market?

It’s no secret that online retail has been on an uphill climb for several years, and has become a major buying habit for most people. With the ease and convenience that online shopping gives consumers, it’s only expected to continue to grow in popularity among consumers. 

The pandemic forced more people to shop online as many businesses shut down, and US online shopping rose by $183 billion. Buyers developed new shopping habits during this time and many consumers plan to continue these habits even as restrictions ease. 

Still, just how big is the online retail market?

Online Shopping Is On The Rise

Online retail has increased the ability to shop nationally and globally with ease. People are no longer limited to what is being sold by their local businesses, and they are more than willing to take full advantage. It’s estimated that 267 million people in the United States (79% of the population) will shop online in 2021, spending between $850 billion and $930 billion. Next year, these numbers are expected to climb with 2022 being the first year that online sales in the US exceed $1 trillion.  

Every year, more people increase their digital retailing habits in all areas of their life, including purchasing vehicles and parts.

We can see just how much the online parts market is growing by looking at the recent Q3 reports released across the parts industry. In the past year, RevolutionParts has seen a 21.5% increase in OEM parts sales, with the average dealers making an additional $375K in online parts sales. 

The online parts market is booming, and companies across the board are seeing growth, including companies that sell aftermarket and performance parts. Just look at the increase in these online parts retailers have seen:

  • has seen a 21% increase in sales
  • O’Reilly Automotive has seen a 16.9% increase in sales
  • Genuine Parts Company has seen a 10.3% increase in sales

In recent years, auto parts and accessories sales have experienced a tremendous increase in the online market. Hedges and Company estimated that the online parts market was generating nearly $16 billion dollars in parts sales in 2019, and is expected to reach $22 billion by 2023. 

While parts eCommerce is on the rise, the majority of new car dealerships are still not taking advantage of this expanding market. As of 2020, only 20% of dealers were selling their parts online, despite the growing demand. The need for OEM parts digital retailing was never more evident than in 2020 when the pandemic led to a $6 billion loss in parts sales. However, dealers selling on the RevolutionParts platform saw a 25% increase in parts sales. 

Now has never been a better time for new car dealers to sell their OEM parts online.

How to Bring the Online Market to Your Dealership

If you want to improve your dealership’s parts sales success, you need to take advantage of online tools and resources that help you get the right parts eCommerce setup. There are a variety of opportunities for your parts department to take advantage of eCommerce success. Selling through online marketplaces and standalone parts web stores can give your parts department a competitive edge in the online retail market. 

What are some of the best channels to sell parts through? There are three primary channels that can help dealers grow their parts business: Amazon, eBay, and a standalone web store. 

Enter the Market With Your Own Web Store

If you want to sell OEM parts online, you need your own parts web store. This is where you are going to be able to grow your own parts business and get the most traffic. When done right, it is the best way to increase sales on parts and accessories and build brand loyalty. Connect with parts buyers in your local community, across the nation, and even around the globe.

Reach Customers Nationwide

Having your own parts web store is one of the best ways to expand your market and reach customers across the nation. You are no longer limited to the size of your local community and your store becomes less vulnerable to local economic challenges. 

Separate From Your Dealer’s Website

Your dealer’s website is great, but let’s face it; this isn’t where most people will shop for parts. Instead, they’ll start with a search engine, like Google. A separate parts store allows you to have a selling channel outside of your dealership’s website. This gives you a little more room to price competitively and set yourself up as a dedicated OEM parts business.

Drive More Traffic from Parts Digital Marketing

When someone needs a part, most often they will start with a web search. With your own parts web store, you can optimize your site for online parts shoppers with parts digital marketing. Through strategic SEO efforts, you can increase the site’s ranking in a search engine, which drives more traffic and increases conversions.

revolutionparts web store stats

RevolutionParts can get set up with your own parts web store.

  • Speedy implementation process
  • Instantly add your inventory with bulk inventory uploads
  • Advice on competitive and profitable pricing strategies
  • Streamline fulfillment and manage orders from one platform
  • Access to parts digital marketing

Amazon as a Parts Marketplace 

It may come as no surprise that Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in the world. With over 300 million active users, and over 5 billion monthly visits, it’s a well-known and trusted eCommerce platform. Amazon isn’t just a great place to sell parts, but the perfect place to sell accessories. It’s time to set up your own Amazon store and start selling!

amazon stats for market site

RevolutionParts makes it easier to sell through Amazon.

  • You pay zero listing fees
  • Bulk upload your inventory
  • Create custom listings
  • Manage sales with the same dashboard as your web store
  • Gain access to millions of shoppers

eBay as a Parts Marketplace

eBay Motors is a sub-category of eBay, designed to help consumers find and purchase auto parts. It’s especially helpful for dealerships looking to reduce their obsolete parts inventory. Why sell with eBay Motors? Because they have a huge slice of the online auto parts customers. 

In 2020, eBay had around 187 million active shoppers. With such a large audience of customers ready to buy, eBay Motors provides a number of tools that give dealers great benefits. eBay Motors is a popular place for DIYers to purchase parts, and they have built a robust community of car enthusiasts. For online OEM parts sellers, there is no better place to sell off your aging and obsolete parts than through your own eBay parts store

ebay parts market

How does eBay Motors + RevolutionParts make selling easy?

  • You pay zero listing fees
  • Bulk upload your inventory
  • Free promoted listings
  • List oversized and heavy items
  • Lower obsolescence and profit on aging parts

Bottom Line

Taking advantage of parts eCommerce is your dealership’s ticket to online success. With the help of RevolutionParts, you can grow your parts sales, stay ahead of your competitors, and grow online revenue. You’ll get the tools and resources you need to streamline your eCommerce parts sales strategy and operations.


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