Growing Your Wholesale Parts Business to Increase Your Dealership Revenue

Increasing revenue in the parts department is simple: sell more parts. One of the more constant business streams comes from your wholesale customers, so optimizing the wholesale buying experience is a great place to start.

Growing your wholesale parts business is a surefire way to increase inventory turnover and boost your revenue. To capture local wholesale buyers, you have to offer them a service that meets their needs and encourages them to choose you over the aftermarket competition. They know genuine parts and accessories are best, but they’ve never had a convenient process to order them as they have with non-OEM suppliers.

If you exceed their expectations in service, you don’t have to offer the lowest prices to win them over! Time and convenience are money, after all. It’s time to hit them with some next-level, unparalleled services.


Give Buyers a Better Way to Shop

Right now, your wholesale customers probably have two ways to order from you:

  1. By picking up the phone
  2. By using the parts form on your dealer website

Let’s be honest: no one wants to pick up the phone anymore, especially when online ordering is quicker and more efficient. But the only way they can order from you is by using that outdated, unresponsive parts form they hate so much. 

While your repair shops and used car dealers are likely to know the precise part they need, they still want to browse your parts inventory and compare pricing before they buy. They can’t explore your parts catalog with your old parts form, so they opt to go somewhere else to buy. That’s a lost opportunity to increase your sales.

RevolutionParts Dealer Site Plugin replaces your parts form with an interactive, online shopping experience. Your customers can browse your entire catalog and complete their transactions completely self-served.

With the Plugin, your parts department will waste less time (both yours and your customers’), save lost sales, and keep loyal wholesale customers coming back to buy more.

Fix Your Quoting & Pricing Process

When revenue is escaping through your quoting process, it makes growing your parts business difficult. Here are just four tips to improve quoting and stop leaking revenue:

  1. Enhance your customer experience with fast and accurate quoting
  2. Use your parts expertise to upsell and add value to the customer 
  3. Build better strategies to track your quotes
  4. Consistently follow up with the quote

With a quote-tracking system, you can efficiently estimate pricing, upsell the customer, and manage where they are in the buying process. With the RevolutionParts Plugin, you’ll also get access to our all-in-one dashboard that allows you to build accurate pricing quotes and set up negotiated pricing for your valuable wholesale clients.

Not only will you save yourself time and make more money, but you’ll create a simplified experience for the customer that will make them choose you over the competition.

Provide Every Local Part Order with On-Demand Delivery

How fast you can deliver an order is crucial to securing loyal wholesale customers. They’re running a business, and turning the bay is their priority. They depend on you to help them serve their customers. Retain and win more loyal customers by offering them a best-in-class delivery service that improves their own workflow.

RevolutionParts Local Delivery helps you better service your wholesale customers by getting them the parts they need in as little as an hour. Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer orders the part
  2. You schedule the delivery
  3. A third-party driver picks up and delivers the part

Being able to deliver parts on-demand will strengthen your customer relationships, leading them to choose you as their go-to manufacturer supplier.

If you find that you’re not giving your wholesale buyers the proper services to make both of your jobs easier, that’s where RevolutionParts comes in. By creating solutions to help you, we’re here to get your dealership caught up to your wholesale parts customers’ expectations. Creating that convenience for them is what will set you apart from the competition, making growth in your wholesale parts business more attainable.

Ready to grow and maintain your wholesale business? Be sure to use our Roadmap to Winning More Local Parts Sales to learn how you can drive up local sales and boost your wholesale revenue.

Combat Staffing Shortages in the Parts Department

Staffing shortages are affecting the auto industry across the globe. However, using a few simple solutions, you can still achieve your parts department’s goals with limited staff.

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