Follow Up With Customers Or Start Losing Sales

Following up with your customers? If not, you’re losing sales

Have you ever heard golfers say that the “secret” is all about the swing follow through? It’s true, especially in the parts & accessories sales game. By following through with promises and checking in with your customers you grow relationships. Better customer relationships = returning customers and more sales.

Your customers’ first impression of your parts business is that long, overwhelming parts form buried somewhere on your website. They’re already annoyed that their car broke down, now they have to fill this thing out? More than 60% of shoppers say one bad experience is enough to avoid that business forever. Translation: First impressions matter and your parts form isn’t making the cut.


Responding quickly and accurately is what sales are made of

You have two options: 1. Ditch the parts form that isn���t doing you any favors or, 2. Train your employees to follow up with customers. These days, customers don’t feel like they should wait for anything. The longer a parts order sits in your email or voicemail, the closer you get to losing that customer to the guys who provide their parts catalog online. They’re happy to shop with someone who doesn’t make them wait hours (even days) for a response. *Cough cough* cars break on weekends, too.


Don’t let your customers go “cold”

Your customer accurately filled out their parts form and they received their part order. Now what? Here are some easy ways to stay engaged with the customer to keep them coming back:

1. Find out how they want to be reached. Don’t send emails to customers who hate emails. Taking the time to learn how each customer prefers to correspond won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

2. Run promotions for returning customers. If your parts form didn’t send the customer running for the hills, give them a reason to come back for more! A small discount shows the customer you appreciate their loyalty. 61% of small and medium-sized businesses say over half of their revenue comes from returning customers. You’d be crazy not to tackle this easy win!

3. Make your parts buying experience easier, faster, and more accessible. By replacing your parts form with an all-in-one plugin that gives your customers access to your entire parts catalog 24/7, you ensure that you’re their first choice every time.

4. Dedicate one employee to following up with customers. Concentrating one employee’s efforts in this area, rather than training and holding everyone accountable, is your best bet for getting the job done efficiently.

5. Get referrals. Buying car parts can be a drag. If you make your customers’ shopping experience quick and painless, they’re far more likely to spread the word.

How can I eliminate the need for follow-ups almost entirely?

Let’s face it—your counter employees have a lot on their plates and sometimes responding to parts forms isn’t a priority. But what if you could eliminate this task altogether? The Storefront Plugin from RevolutionParts replaces your ineffective parts form with a 24/7 online parts catalog that lets your customers shop immediately and demands less work from your employees.

In the “biz” we call that a win-win.

If you’re ready to save time and drive more revenue to your department, request a brief demo of RevolutionParts.

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The parts form that lives on your dealership website is outdated, slow and is losing you sales and customers.

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