Ferman BMW and Mini Prints, Packs, and Ships their Way to Fixed Ops Profitability

“Pull ‘em, pack ‘em, ship ‘em!”

This Fixed Ops Journal video takes an up-close look at the fixed operations at Tampa-based Ferman BMW and Mini on their busiest day of the week, Monday.

In the age of margin compression and declining new car sales, the forward-thinkers at Ferman BMW and Mini have turned to fixed ops to pick up the slack. Online part sales are expected to double by 2024.

“In five or ten years they won’t be lining up at the parts counter like they used to,” says Parts Director John Smitha.

The Ferman BMW and Mini team will be ready… Will you?

By bringing the Parts Department online, Ferman BMW and Mini has been able to…

Add tens of thousands of dollars in part sales every month

Sell an estimated $3.5 Million in parts on eBay alone

Enjoy 100% positive feedback on eBay and 96% on Amazon

Create a happy fixed ops staff that take pride in their speed, accuracy, and great customer service

Expand its online reach to include a RevolutionParts webstore. Learn more about our eCommerce solutions by talking to an expert

See how Ferman BMW and Mini prints, packs, and ships their way to profitability.

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