Email Marketing Tips to Sell More OEM Parts on Black Friday

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools online businesses can use during big sales events. An effective email marketing strategy can help you generate new customers, turn them into repeat buyers, and garner brand loyalty that keeps them from going straight to your competitors. 

For Black Friday weekend, it’s important to utilize and create effective email marketing campaigns. However, for many parts departments, this is new territory, and there’s a lot to cover. Where do you start? 

Here are the top five email marketing tips that all dealerships should use to sell more OEM auto parts during Black Friday weekend. 

Create Different Campaigns for Prospects and Customers

Every good marketing strategy markets products and services to two types of consumers: prospects and customers. 

Prospects are people who have not yet purchased from your business. Customers are people who have made purchases from your business. Both are equally important to generating revenue during big sales events.

Creating campaigns for both types of customers during Black Friday weekend is essential to increasing OEM parts sales. Prospects can help generate new revenue for the parts department, while repeat customers can foster both awareness and customer loyalty which can lead to more sales.

Have a Strong Call to Action 

The purpose of marketing is to get consumers to take action, preferably in the form of purchasing auto parts. 

It’s important to have a strong call-to-action (CTA) for Black Friday email campaigns. The end goal should be to get them to buy auto parts from your website. So how do you persuade them to buy from you through email?

Good Black Friday CTAs:

  • Go directly to a landing page
  • Use active language
  • Use visuals to stand out

Bad Black Friday CTAs:

  • Do not go to a landing page (or go to a broken one)
  • Use passive language
  • Do not stand out to the user

Avoid Spam Trigger Words 

What’s the one thing every email marketer dreads when it comes to Black Friday weekend? Having a major sales event email go into the spam folder. 

Once an email makes it to the spam folder, it’s never opened. Instead of getting open rates, leads, and conversions, that email sits in the spam inbox forever. Avoiding the spam folder is essential, so how can you help reduce the chances of your Black Friday emails getting lost in there? 

Spam filters look for words and phrases that fall into these categories:

  • Words/phrases that make exaggerated claims (promise customers too much)
  • Words/phrases that create heightened urgency (pressuring customers into buying)
  • Words/phrases that seem unethical or shady (scamming customers into taking action)
  • General jargon (words that are not commonly understood by average customers)

Keep things short, simple, and straightforward when creating your Black Friday emails.

A/B Test 

A bad habit that any marketer can fall into if they’re not careful is not testing campaigns. Consumer values, interests, and behaviors are constantly changing. This means your marketing has to change to reflect this. 

A/B testing Black Friday email campaigns can help you determine what resonates with your customers. It can help you tweak your current campaign or create new campaigns that generate more sales and convert more leads.

When A/B testing your Black Friday emails, test different versions of:

  • Email copy (email content, subject lines, and preheader text)
  • Audience segments (the list of people you send emails to)
  • Visual aspects (colors, images, graphics, banners, and buttons)

Benchmark Your Metrics 

How do you measure your Black Friday success? By the amount of revenue you’ve generated, the amount of OEM auto parts you’ve sold, and the number of new customers you acquired. 

How do you measure how much of that success was generated from email marketing? Benchmarking your email marketing metrics can help you identify what you did well and where you can improve for the next Black Friday weekend. 

What metrics should you be paying attention to?

  • Open Rates: How many people are opening your Black Friday emails?
  • Click-Through-Rates (CTRs): How many people are clicking through to your website/landing page?
  • Conversion Rates: How many people made a purchase from you after opening your Black Friday emails?

Dial-In Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

The Black Friday sales event is the best opportunity to increase auto parts sales, maximize revenue generation, and unload obsolete inventory. Getting your marketing strategy right can help you get there. Ready to start planning for Black Friday? Download “The Guide to Selling More OEM Parts on Cyber Monday,” to get in-depth steps and processes that can help you maximize your OEM parts sales.

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Email Marketing Tips to Sell More OEM Parts on Black Friday

Email Marketing Tips to Sell More OEM Parts on Black Friday

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools online businesses can use during big sales ...

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