Easily Turn Quotes Into Sales With the RevolutionParts Quoting Tool

sGetting the most out of your quoting process is a real struggle for most parts departments. Quotes that don’t lead to sales are burning a hole through many dealerships’ pockets, but making the final sale isn’t the only challenge. Parts departments also have a hard time keeping track of the number of parts quotes that come in on a daily basis. Plus, parts advisors have better things to do than spend all their time on the phone.  

A few missed quotes here and there may not seem like a big concern, but they can add up over time. In fact, most dealerships could be losing over $1,000 a day from missed quote sales. Additionally, it costs your parts department valuable time spent on other important tasks. 

Fortunately,  with the right tools, like the RevolutionParts Quoting Tool, you can simplify and automate your process to recapture those lost quotes while saving your department time.

RevolutionParts Quoting Tool Makes It Easy

RevolutionParts makes it easy for you to create, offer, and close deals on parts quotes. Our quoting tool makes it easy for you to find the data you need and create the best quotes for your customers.

With the Quoting Tool, you’re able to:

  • Access all orders from the RevolutionParts platform
  • Easily create quotes and email them to the customer
  • Set up custom automated emails for higher quote conversions
  • Review abandoned quote reports so you can develop better selling strategies
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The RevolutionParts Quoting Tool helps you seamlessly provide your customers with quick and convenient quotes that simplify your workflows by bringing together the ability to assemble, save, dispatch, and process quotes all from a single space.

Plus, the RevolutionParts Quoting Tool makes it easier for your customers to make their purchases online. When you send your customers a personalized quote through email, they can click the link and choose to buy if they like the offered price. Once they purchase, it gets saved in your parts store’s history so you can pull that customer data in the future.


Why You Should Care About Your Quotes

You might think that a few missed quotes here and it is not a big deal, but they can add up over time. In fact, most dealerships could be losing over $1,000 a day from missed quote sales. With each missed opportunity from lost quotes, you lose your customers to your competitors. 


How Can You Turn Your Quotes Into Sales?

The best way to turn quotes into final sales is to streamline your quoting process. This is where a lot of dealerships have the most trouble. Spending hours standing by and answering phones can often result in order errors and lost sales. It can also slow down the parts counter during busy hours. So how can you improve your process to help you make the final sale on quotes while still keeping the rest of your department running smoothly?

Fine-Tune Your Quoting Process

Your parts advisors have a lot on their plates. They’re not always available to give a quote over the phone. So, when a customer calls in for a quote on parts, be it a local buyer or a wholesale customer, they might not be able to get them right away. This means you lose more opportunities to close more parts sales, and your parts advisors have wasted valuable time.

The quoting tool helps you fine-tune the quoting process, making it easier for your parts advisors to

  • Create a customer profile or look up an existing customer
  • Collect customer data
  • Quote a part directly from your catalog
  • Add shipping and/or discounts
  • Email the quote to the customer
  • Automate follow-up emails to remind the customer to purchase

By setting your parts advisors up with streamlined quoting processes from a  single dashboard, converting them into sales gets a lot easier. 

*Plus, all of those quotes are stored in one centralized location for easy access in the future.

Get The Right Customer Data

Gathering customer data is the most important step. The more data you can collect on your customers, the better you can meet their needs. By gathering the right data, you can ensure proper fitment and have their information at the ready, so you can follow up on their quote and suggest future purchases.

If you are giving a customer a quote, it’s important to get the right information, like:

  • Name, phone number, and email
  • VIN number and vehicle type

Create Effective Automated Follow-up Emails

So you’ve given a customer a quote, but they’re still on the fence. Now what? Often, these customers need a small push. How can you get them to finalize their purchases? By setting up automated emails! With email automation, you can follow up with customers and remind them that you have their quotes saved so that they can make their purchases. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s painless. 

You can also use the information gathered during the quoting process to persuade customers to make additional purchases. With the right customer data, you can market additional products or services that are specific to that customer’s needs. You can nurture them into repeat buyers and keep their business. It’s a win-win!


Make Quotes Do The Work For You

With the help of the RevolutionParts Quoting Tool, your parts department can maximize sales from parts quotes. By gathering and using the right customer data, you can create targeted email marketing to get them interested and make it easy for them to purchase after accepting a quote online. 

With the right methods, you can add up to $1,000 a day to your parts department’s revenue. Download our guide, “How to Make an Extra $1K a Day on Parts Quotes” to learn how.

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