Digital Retailing as a Parts Department Growth Strategy

Consumers have been conditioned to know that they can buy anything online – including an Idaho potato with your face on it! So, why should auto parts be any different? Every single vehicle owner can get what they need to repair or modify their car online. 

The question is, do they have the option to purchase from your parts department, no matter where they are?

Selling parts and accessories online opens your parts department to an entire world of shoppers that will make your local market feel like the loose change from your couch.

Keep reading to find out what simple additions you can make to your parts business that will unlock the door to increased sales opportunities and more revenue.


Dominating a Larger Market 

Growing your parts business means increasing your reach and tapping into additional markets. If you’re only retailing only from your parts counter, you’re limited to your local region. This severely limits you to the number of parts you can sell and the amount of revenue you can bring in. 

Today, more people prefer to shop online, and parts eCommerce has become a $16 billion business. If you want to dominate the parts market and tap into that revenue, you need to go where the customers are, and that is online. Fortunately, getting started is easy.


5 digital retailing steps to grow your business:

  1. Replace the parts form on your dealer website–let’s face it, this form is ineffective.
  2. Launch a standalone web store with your entire catalog
  3. Start selling accessories to Amazon’s 150 million active users
  4. Say goodbye to obsolete parts by listing them on eBay
  5. Build a digital marketing strategy to attract customers nationwide
digital parts department growth strategy
If you implement even a few of these, you’ll effectively increase your part sales, increase customer loyalty, expand your brand, and put yourself in the best position to compete with other dealers and aftermarket retailers. 


The Future of Shopping is Digital

Imagine taking what you’ve been doing in the parts department for decades but doing it at scale. That’s what a parts and accessories web store allows you to do. By digitally growing your parts business, you will reach customers wherever they are. Every day US dealerships are transitioning their business to cater to modern shoppers and make the decision to enable growth—are you one of those dealers? 

With the RevolutionParts eCommerce solution, you will be able to easily integrate every one of these solutions to grow your dealership and reach a wider audience. 


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