90% Of New Car Buyers Accessorize Their Vehicles

RevolutionParts has partnered with Insignia Group to provide dealerships with a modernized accessory buying experience. Here is how Insignia Group is helping connect accessory companies and dealerships with accessories shoppers. Enjoy this guest post from Insignia Group:



Insignia Group has been helping accessory companies and dealerships bridge the gap between what customers want and how they can get it for more than 20 years. Vehicle accessories are a $46 billion dollar industry (think: revenue stream!) that many dealerships are missing out on, as customers flock to restylers, aftermarket providers, and internet retailers. With the average person keeping their vehicle for 11.9 years, nonetheless, the amount of cars sold has decreased over the years. Dealerships need a way to make up that loss in revenue, and accessories are the answer! The average customer spends $800 on vehicle accessories (more for trucks and SUVs) and a majority of that is not purchased at a dealership because the average customer doesn’t know they can.

Consumers love accessories, especially the younger generations of car buyers! Customizing a vehicle to the buyer’s personal taste makes both the dealership and the buyer happy. It allows the customer to make sure they have all the things they might want in a vehicle to meet their budget (and to brag on social media). Plus, a happy customer means good reviews and referrals. Not only does the dealership benefit from great reviews, but Insignia Group customers also get:

  • repeat customers
  • increased sales revenue (accessory prices aren’t negotiated when pitched at the right time)
  • decreased employee turnover because salespeople are getting additional commissions and quota goal completions


So What Is This Software?

Insignia Group’s software is both a showroom and digital retailing tool. Our software has three main components: visual, data, and consultants. 



The Insignia Group software comes with a 3D, interactive vehicle model that only pulls the accessories that fit on the model you choose. A customer can pick the vehicle they intend to buy at the dealership and see a moveable, 3D version of their car, in whatever color and trim they want. The customer will then see every accessory that fits on that model. Allowing the customer to use a laptop, kiosk, tablet, or phone to pick out their own accessories—after they’ve agreed to buy the vehicle and before they go to the financing office—makes them excited to get the vehicle. It also opens the opportunity for them to customize their new purchase for all the things they love to do that involve a car. They might decide leather seats are the answer to the pet hair all over their current vehicle or that this is the year they learn to paddleboard, so roof racks are needed. All of this can be done without the salesperson standing around them making an uncomfortable pitch. 


Data & Consultants

The Insignia Group Everything program comes with data regarding usage, sales numbers, views, and the ability to compare it all. We always say choices made without hard data are a waste of time! You will have the ability to track how everything is going and make changes to the system from your dashboard. This includes changing labor rates and times, creating accessory packages, and adding or removing different accessories as needed. You have full control to ensure the system is easy for everyone’s usage and makes your entire sales process faster. 

We are saving the best for last — our consultants. Our consultants are not customer representatives. Yes, they will help you if you have questions, however, they do so much more than that. Our consultants have been in the automotive industry for years and their purpose is to discuss your results on a predetermined basis and help you establish business strategies to improve those numbers. Your success is our success, and we aren’t like other software companies that give you the software and let you sink or swim on your own. Our consultants create relationships, not just customers. 

The accessory business is booming. Are you getting the revenue you deserve from it? View an Insignia Demo today!

Interested to see how RevolutionParts has incorporated Insignia Group’s accessorize into our eCommerce solution? Schedule your free demo now by clicking the button below.


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