5 Reasons Investing in Parts eCommerce Will Pay Off

You know your customers live their lives online. You know they’re shopping for everything from clothes to food to furniture – and yes, even car parts – on the internet. You know all this, but your boss isn’t 100% sold. He hasn’t come around on parts eCommerce for whatever reason, meaning you’re still only selling parts the old fashioned way.

You also know this approach is costing your parts department revenue, and you’re ready to make your boss aware of the valuable opportunities available online. As of the end of 2020, the parts and accessories eCommerce industry is worth $16 billion, and you can’t miss out on that action! This guide to getting your dealership management on board with parts eCommerce has all the hard facts you need to convince them once and for all.

If management still needs more convincing, check out these

Answers to Common Dealership Questions About Selling Parts Online.

2022 Parts eCommerce Shopper Behavior Report

Learn about the buyer behavior of online parts shoppers. Who they are, how they are shopping, what they are buying, and how much they are spending

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