12 Parts Resolutions For a More Profitable 2021

The start of the new year is an opportunity to audit your processes and make improvements. These New Year’s resolutions were made to guide you in the journey to having a more successful, more profitable parts department in 2021. A promise to improve is nothing without a game-plan, so use these tips to upgrade your parts department’s strategy and the bounty will follow. Make 2021 your year!

2021 Parts Department Resolutions:

Create a process to turn more part quotes into sales.

Lost sales are a killer. You should keep track of quotes that don’t turn into sales right away and follow-up via email. Include a discount code to clinch the sale!

Train your parts staff to be more sales-minded.

Sales-minded parts advisors generate a lot more revenue in the long run. Your parts advisors should always be looking for ways to upsell, exceed customer expectations, and drive traffic to the service lane. 

>>> Check out this guide to Grow Your Own (Sales-Minded) Parts Advisor <<<

Turn accessory sales into a legitimate revenue stream.

It’s not practical to rely just on part sales. In 2021, you should dedicate focus to knocking aftermarket retailers off their pedestal by pushing accessory, tire, and glass sales.

Add a new reliable revenue channel to the parts department.

You’re a master at selling through your parts counter and getting the service department what they need, but there are more part and accessory sales out there for you to grab. Start capturing more by adding Amazon, eBay, or a standalone web store to your parts department.

Deliver a better parts-buying experience to your customers.

When you give parts shoppers an easy and convenient buying experience, they often come back to buy more parts from you. So give the people what they want—the option to do online research before their purchase and a self-serve checkout process when they’re ready. 

Clean up your inventory by selling obsolete parts.

Running an inventory with excess obsolescence is so last year. Instead of writing these parts off, post your obsolete and aging parts on eBay for ready-to-buy shoppers all across the country.

Turn a profit on parts shipping and delivery.

There are more opportunities to profit off of online sales than you think. By selling parts online, you are able to claim a profit on shipping costs with every part you sell.

>>> Click here to learn How to Profit Off Shipping OEM Parts <<<

Start earning manufacturer kickbacks.

With modern technology designed specifically to support volume-selling, you can sell more parts efficiently, allowing you to earn hefty manufacturer kickbacks. Let 2021 be the year you tap into all of your parts department’s profit centers!

Sell parts in your sleep (literally).

Who doesn’t want the peace of mind knowing that they’re driving revenue to the dealership even after hours? Launch a parts web store to continue selling at night and on weekends.

Get out of your local market.

You can’t sell parts to shoppers outside of your local area unless you have an online presence. Get your OEM catalog in front of potential customers that are 1,000 miles away from your dealership.

Upgrade your local parts delivery method.

Can you guarantee that your fleet drivers will deliver parts to local customers in under an hour? If not, then you need to rethink your methods. Speed of service is king.

Invest in advertising your parts and accessories business.

The parts departments that are really winning know the importance of investing in digital marketing to drive more ready-to-buy shoppers. Get on that level and your investment could return 8+ times over.

Make a promise to transform your parts department into a selling machine in 2021. Partnering with RevolutionParts is the easiest and most profitable way to meet these 2021 resolutions and grow your retail and wholesale OEM parts business. See how it works first-hand in a quick demo.


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