How much time does your parts team spend on the shipping part of your parts eCommerce website?

Most dealerships selling parts online don’t need to buy extra software for shipping, because a few orders a week are easy to handle without extra help.

But for high-volume power sellers, the parts website sees enough orders every day that a dedicated shipping management software makes more sense.

So how do you decide if it’s time to invest in a shipping manager?

RevolutionParts Partnership with ShipStation

RevolutionParts has been integrated with ShipStation for a while, but we’re proud to announce our new Partnership status with them!

This partnership will bring even more benefits to RevolutionParts customers, so that shipping out auto parts & accessories is easier than ever.

Some of the benefits and supported integrations include:

  • Free USPS shipping account (valued at $15.99/mo) for deeply discounted USPS rates
  • Seamless synchronization for products, orders, and customer information between RevolutionParts and ShipStation
  • Distribution centers for easy and organized shipping from multiple shipping locations

Check out our partnership page on the ShipStation website for more details about the program.

Why Use Shipping Software?

A shipping manager like ShipStation or ShipWorks can actually save your team a lot of time and headache, making it the financially smart choice despite the monthly fee.

Shipping managers make your life easier in a lot of different ways, like organizing your data, automating customer emails, automating shipping decisions, and more. You can even run reports on your shipping manager to gain valuable insights about your online parts business.

Do I Need Shipping Software to be successful?

No. It’s not necessary for everyone, and you don’t need a shipping manager to be successful online.

In fact, according to a recent survey, 80% of dealers using  RevolutionParts reported that they haven’t needed to hire additional staff to deal with parts eCommerce yet. The shipping manager built into the RevolutionParts platform is enough for the majority of dealers!

Since shipping managers do add another expense, you want to make sure the timing is right and your dealership will truly benefit from the added features!

3 Signs your Dealership might need a Shipping Manager

  1. You’re passing $50,000+ in monthly online parts sales.

For the average dealership selling parts online, a shipping manager like ShipStation isn’t absolutely necessary. And luckily for dealers, it takes a while to reach that threshold where there are too many orders to handle without help.

We’ve found that parts websites generating $50,000+ in online sales each month really benefit from a dedicated piece of software to handle all of the orders coming in.

Of course, this number can vary depending on your dealership setup and staff. Some dealers have passed $100,000+ each month without hiring!

  1. You’re selling on multiple channels.

Is your dealership selling on a standalone website in addition to a marketplace like eBay? Or are you part of an auto group with multiple websites for each of the car brands you sell?

Shipping managers will let you access all your orders—regardless of where it came in—on the same dashboard.

If your dealership has a successful eBay Motors store in addition to sales on a standalone parts website, the shipping manager can consolidate your orders and have them all organized in a single location.

  1. You have multiple distribution centers.

Similar to having multiple selling channels, shipping software can also come in handy if you’re shipping from more than one location. You can add all your stores to the same account and then set up multiple distribution centers to stay organized even if you’re shipping from multiple locations.

Plus, shipping managers like ShipStation let you log in from any computer. Since the software is browser-based, you don’t need to download anything to access orders wherever you are.


If your team is getting to the point where you think it’s time to hire another employee, try investing in a shipping manager instead. Most shipping managers offer a free trial period so you can test out the software for yourself and see if it helps you sell parts more efficiently.

If you’re a RevolutionParts customer, click here to sign up for a free trial of ShipStation and take advantage of our new partnerships status with them!

There are plenty of shipping software options out there, so make sure it integrates with your eCommerce solution before making a choice!

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