We all know the auto parts eCommerce market is booming, but just how much? Prospects are looking good, even though only a small portion of dealerships are selling online. The studies agree that there’s no better time to sell auto parts online than right NOW—before more people catch on to the crazy success.

1. There are over 70 million auto part searches every month.

Customers are already conducting searches for auto parts. Tap into that market and claim those customers for yourself!

Some of these part searches are looking to buy online, while the rest are just conducting research and purchasing in store. If your parts department is offline, you are losing all of these potential customers. Reach these people with online ads, helpful information (such as how-to videos or blog articles), and original product descriptions to appear in more searches.

2. Overall searches for parts and service have increased by 38% from 2013 to 2014

The online automotive market is growing—and fast. More and more people are researching parts and services online. Imagine a portion of those online shoppers choosing you! Establish yourself now while the market is growing and isn’t oversaturated.

3. Online part sales are expected to double between 2016 and 2020

The growth in the online parts market isn’t just a phase. It’s expected to grow in the long term, too. Maybe you’re daunted by the possibility of running an online store, but it’s easier than you think and it’s critical to the future success of your parts department.

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